We have heard a lot about the so called Big Bang & many interpretations of what many people & belief systems believe is God. I want to tell the world that they are all right about what they strongly believe. The problem is not God or whether God exists or not but the problem & confusion stems from the interpretation of what or whom one may deem as God who does exist & indeed is almighty as I will explain from both a scientific & religious view point. At this point one may be thinking, then why is there a conflict between the Religious & The Laboratory? Well the answer to that is simple in one word - DOGMA. Expanded from an "eyewitness" account (since time is relative)

American Interviewer: So how do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war?

EBE in response to the question...


The American interviewer insists...

American Interviewer: Can you be more specific please

EBE indulges in the gauntlet, appropriately responding...

EBE: Political & Religious DOGMA, it is the root of all major conflict of your species

The above extract is from the interview between a US government official & one of the survivors of the famous 1947 so called UFO crash & of course before you start rolling your eyes, there is no such thing as Aliens but time is relative & does not exist, however UFO's unfortunately for the sceptics as they call them do exist a matter dealt with thoroughly in Time Travel - Aliens Debunked as well as The Real Truth About UFO's. As the interview also confirms, DOGMA is the problem


The backbone of science dictates that everything should be factual & based on logical rationale. Firstly as usual I will use the logic & common line of reasoning to expose the hypocrisy (if any) or the oversight, whether deliberately to mislead (DOGMA) or ignorantly, either way the folly must be addressed. Let us start with the logic, at this juncture starting with the basics where we are all in accord i.e our Solar System. Our Solar System with all its planets are arranged orbiting a nucleus (in this case that would be the sun) which coincidentally as scientifically agreed is also the arrangement of any atom with sub-atomic particles orbiting a nucleus, coincidence? I don't think so & why? Let us look at all other solar systems, yes, they are all arranged in the same fashion. Then there is gravity, it behaves the same everywhere, limited only by the variations in power depending on the strength of the source e.g the moon (weak source), Earth (stronger source), Mars (stronger source than moon but weaker than Earth) but all 3 are relative to their volumetric size (the bigger it is, the stronger the gravity) with the sun settling that argument as by far bigger than all 3 in both size, power & influence, another coincidence? I don't think so. What do you notice here? A correlation to order, exactly. Now taking our scientific approach it is clear that a logical pattern is emerging here. Clearly this is not random but can be quantified as adhering to a certain pattern or law of all existence or simply put an order of all things that exist & have been created. This would represent a complex overall law & order to all things created conforming to their fundamental nature & governing rules of conduct as well as the laws that also govern how all these things react & interact with one another & respond according to the complex environmental balances, parameters & factors that influence each & every single one of these states of existence & interactions down from the most minute quanta accumulating with other types of quanta according to those very complex mathematical computations culminating up to planetary volume on aggregate then onto universe capacity on further aggregate. This in essence means that all of this matter if I may indulge conforms to a set of set rules & is not chaos or random because Hydrogen will behave the same anywhere in our solar system depending of course on what it is interacting with at the time of the experiment. The same applies for anything that goes up on Mars as well as the Moon must come down as it happens on Earth with the only variable being the rate of descend a matter again mitigated by the strength of the source of that gravity which if mathematically computed will tally in uniformity to the applicable formula. Clearly all of these particles or matter including us are adhering to a set of rules & parameters that govern their conduct & interaction. Even a human being can be scorched by fire as a simple proof of rules of interaction just as wood would do the same. This is a rule, fact & law as this will always be static fact at all times all environmental variables being static in all pertinent experiments or realities as is applicable that is. In more simpler layman terms this would represent God's Law i.e the law of creation


This is where humour, hypocrisy & science converge. The humour part is that science is actually agreeing (unknowingly albeit) that God exists by stating that everything in the beginning started with a so called "Big Bang"! This is the humour part because now they are actually accepting that "something" actually kick-started the process we call life, existence, matter etc culminating the status quo we accept today as existence with the only difference (DOGMA) being that they will not accept that it is the definition of God that is depicted in scripture because they are taking a scientific view/analysis of a summarised oral depiction of creation summed up for the non inquisitive layman then deriving those oral summaries as averred facts oblivious & ignorantly with oversight of the fact that these where handed down to elevated individuals who would be qualified as the scientist(s) of the day (e.g Moses or the Prophets) to then teach these rules & parameters of conduct (all being quanta pertinent) to the layman of the time as discipline (10 Commandments etc). This would be tantamount to someone giving the saying, "Empty tins make the most noise" as scientific fact. Casually this is correct but scientifically it is incomplete because it does not factor in the environmental variables of that tin. This is because if it is on a non acoustic surface it will make no noise at all while the full tin will make a lot more noise on a concrete floor. The difference between these 2 scenarios is the understanding of the events in question i.e DOGMA. This is a matter fully dealt with in The Quantum Menace (click on link & scroll down to "ORIGINS OF THE UNIVERSE DECODED"). The tin example casually would represent religion i.e not to be taken factually but from a point of elevated understanding

Science without religion is hopeless, religion without science is blind - Albert Einstein

Indulging further, imagine trying to explain Quantum Dynamics, fission/fusion or what I have just written above to Simon the fisherman over 2021 years ago, I think you see the point. Yes it is an unnecessary burden of conscience to explain that fire is an accumulation of any ignited combustible requisite of oxygen & a continuous feed of a combustible fuel that can consume certain matter of quanta cumulate type "xyz" scientific jargon as applicable etc including human flesh when subjected to the proximity of the phenomena to further unnecessarily complicate simple Simon's life. It would just be easier to tell him, "hey don't touch that, it is called fire & it will burn you if you touch it". In other words you are simply achieving the objective without burdening the subject i.e discipline & social harmony as well as promoting peace & safety for all. This would be your religion though I like to explain it even simpler as Ubuntu or Love for an even more universal simplicity for the layman - Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. In scientific closure, the hypocrisy part is that they agree that everything has to be created by someone or something with the only difference being the how, what or who that is e.g the Simon fisherman version or the University science student version in other words the real problem is actually one word - DOGMA. In more "specific" terms, the problem is not the truth of the matter which is an accord but rather the interpretation of the subject matter


Taking into account the scientific facts above especially the simple Simon fisherman & fire example it is clear that the Universe is built up of de-facto laws & given the logic of creation depicted in scripture

Let us create man in our own image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the Earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth. - Genesis 1.26

Given the above scripture it is clear that whoever is being referred to as God by the scripture is of a conscious intelligence like us. While we have dominion over only the Earth by vested right given to us by that encapsulating power taking the scientific view relative to the order of creation as afore discussed. That power we refer to as God has control/dominion over everything else including overriding power over us if we do not conform to the prescribed rules of conduct within the prescribed parameters of conduct this would include the 10 Commandments & God's rules of social conduct among other things from a religious view & quanta or atomic order/behaviour from the esteemed lofty scientific perspective, partially & clearly not entirely as we have not the capacity to comprehend all that is. This is why there are an infinite number of Universes (confirmed by people from what our calendar would tell us is the future though time is relative & an illusion of our today's limited way of thinking & mental capacity) even with the most advanced propulsion interstellar technology (by our standards) we cannot exhaust them all lending credence to the fact that the size of God with reference & his power is even greater than our imagination as well as maximum capacity even collectively making it futile to even attempt to prove that God exists from what we pathetically call science (more like arrogance in light of the reality) like trying to measure the speed of your car with a thermometer then wondering why you cannot determine the speed or worse still trying to pour 5 litres of water into a 1 litre bottle & wondering where you are going wrong. Reality is not the problem but human nature is the problem as explained above. We are negating the purpose in pursuit of satisfying an unquenchable curiosity by virtue of reality. In other words acceptance of purpose ours & all creation. Which brings me to the purpose of all this, not the irrelevant technical specifics which only fuels DOGMA alienating the purpose i.e

36. Master which is the greatest commandment? 37. The Lord said to him. Thou shall LOVE the Lord God with ALL thy heart & with all thy soul & with all thy mind 38. This is the first and great commandment 39. And the second is like unto it. Thou SHALL love thy neighbour as thyself 40. On these two (2) commandments hang all the law & the prophets

In essence one word sums it all up. Love! We cannot & will never achieve perfection without God but we can achieve a perfect love & that will create more than Quantum Balance catapulting human beings to the next level of cooperative positive evolution. This article is an enthusiastic work in progress, hastily uploaded to maintain the momentum of hope for the world & will be updated thus check back regularly as we further proof it & perfect it's overall presentation as food for thought to the world...